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The governing bodies of the BCHR Network are:


a) Advisory Board


Between the annual meetings, the Advisory Board will assist the Secretariat in coordinating BCHR Network activities and may act in the Network’s interests. It will report on its activities at the annual meeting.


Criteria for the composition of the Advisory Board are to be determined by the annual meeting. The Board shall consist of at least seven members and should include academic and NGO members as well as fair gender representation. The board will evolve in terms of geographic representation and thematic balance as the BCHR Network develops.


All BCHR Network members are eligible for advisory board membership, whether as an institution or in their personal capacity. Board Members shall have a mandate of two years, renewable, with half of the members being elected annually.


This Committee is composed of:

- Charity Ryerson, Corporate Accountability Lab

- Jonathan Kolieb, RMIT

- Juan Andrés Cano, Peacestartup Foundation

- Maria Prandi, BHR


b) The Annual meeting


The BCHR Network will hold an annual meeting open to all members. The annual meeting is the Network’s main decision-making body. Costs related to the participation in the annual meeting are to be borne by each of the participating members, without prejudice to any fund-raising efforts that may be undertaken with a view to organizing the meeting and facilitating participation.


Decisions shall be taken by consensus wherever possible and, in other cases, by simple majority of members present and voting.


The annual meeting will, as appropriate:

a. Consider membership applications;

b. Approve the creation of new working groups, modify the mandates of existing working groups, and receive their reports;

c. Elect the members of the advisory board and receive its reports;

d. Discuss and decide upon the functioning and development of the BCHR Network, including its potential funding, communications activities, research dissemination and coordination with other initiatives;

e. Provide a forum for members (i) to share the progress and results of their research, (ii) to inform themselves of other relevant research initiatives, and (iii) to identify and develop new research projects;

f. Establish criteria for the use of the name and logo of the BCHR Network;

g. Identify the organization that will host the Network’s Secretariat;

h. Establish and modify the structure and procedures of the BCHR Network through modification of its Founding Document; and

i. Take any other decisions necessary for the advancement of the Network’s objectives.


c) Secretariat


The Secretariat oversees the implementation of decisions taken at the annual meeting. It will be located within the organization appointed by the annual meeting for a renewable period of three years. The organization that hosts the Secretariat will inform the advisory board no later than the beginning of the third year of a give term whether it will be able to continue as Secretariat host for a renewed term. 


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