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BCHR Network membership is open to institutions and organisations (independent research centres, university departments or centres, NGOs and think-tanks) as well as individual researchers and experts engaged in research and analysis within the research areas of the BCHR Network.


Institutional and organisational members will designate an official representative, but several members of a given institution may be members of the BCHR Network on an individual basis.


Subject to provisional approval of their status by the advisory board and final approval at the annual meeting, State representatives may act as observers at the annual meeting.


Applicants for membership should send their request to the Secretariat, which shall transmit it to the advisory board. The board will grant provisional membership to all applications that are consistent with BCHR Network objectives and criteria. Provisional and new memberships will be confirmed at the annual meeting.


The advisory board will send a response concerning the membership application as soon as possible.


Members are entitled to participate in the annual meeting, to be informed of and participate in the activities of the BCHR Network and its working groups, and to make proposals to the annual meeting and / or the advisory board.


Members are expected to:


a. Cooperate with the Network to achieve its objectives and, where appropriate, identify themselves publicly as affiliated with the Network;


b. Participate in the activities of at least one working group;


c. Share, as much as possible, the results of their research related to the Network activities;


d. Make best efforts to attend the annual meetings of the Network.

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