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The BCHR Network may create standing Working Groups.


A proposal for creation of a working group should be transmitted to the Secretariat and be supported by at least 3 members of the Network, including at least one academic and one NGO member. The proposed group’s mandate should be related to one or more of the Network’s research areas.


The annual meeting approves the creation and mandate of new working groups, as well as the modification of existing groups’ mandates, as the case may be. Between annual meetings, the advisory board may approve the creation of working groups or the modification of their mandate on an interim basis.


Each group will have at least one coordinator, and will be open to all other BCHR Network members. Working groups may promote joint projects or activities as appropriate, and will report on their activities at the annual meeting as well as through the web page.


The groups’ members will make best efforts to meet in person at least once a year at the annual meeting.


The annual meeting may dissolve an existing working group at the request of the group itself, or on its own motion, notably when the group has been inactive since the previous annual meeting.



Current Working Groups (more information available soon):

Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs)

Contact person:

Sorcha MacLeod 

Land Rights and Social Conflict

Contact person:

Susana Borras (RiV)

Business and Peace-Building

Contact person:

Maria Prandi

Arms Trade


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